Enrichment Programs

S2S is developing the following of enrichment programs:


Summer Camps

"Fee for service" summer camps are being developed. Week-long summer camps in the areas of pharmaceutical science, analytical chemistry, robotics, forensics, and biotechnology will present participants with challenging discovery and learning experiences. Participants will be presented with challenging problems and coached in how to develop a hypothesis and design an experimental plan. Participants will then work with subject matter experts to execute the experiments, collect data, and draw conclusions based on their findings. This problem-based learning is designed to motivate students to pursue STEM related majors in college.



An important objective of the Girl and Boy Scouts of America is to teach young men and women effective job skills. A significant gender gap has existed in the fields of engineering and technology. Women constitute 46% of the workforce, yet only 22% of scientists and engineers. S2S realizes the need to focus on minorities and underrepresented groups. Therefore, S2S will develop scouting programs specifically designed to engage young women in the STEM subjects. Eighty percent of Boy Scouts (who achieve First Class and higher) indicate that they chose a career based on a Merit badge they completed during their scouting experience. S2S will develop merit badge programs involving the fields of chemistry, engineering, electronics, and energy.


Student Leadership Program

S2S believes in “students teaching students” whenever possible.  In our experience, students are more receptive to learn from instructors close to their own age, ethnicity and socioeconomic background.  Additionally, the student instructor gains self confidence and proficiency in the subject matter. S2S provides students in high school and college with the following 3 unique opportunities:
1.     Students may serve as Assistant Instructors during  ISAAC Middle School Programs
2.     S2S engages students to serve as in Class Mentors  during to V-Lab sessions
3.     Students are invited to participate in Independent Research  Programs


Independent Research Programs 
Currently, S2S accepts applications from local high school students to perform independent research programs lasting 2-3 months.  This program provides a unique opportunity for students to conduct scientific research in a mentorship program with an S2S technologist. Students are encouraged to propose a project in an area of interest or may work to develop experiments to support the ISAAC or V-Lab programs.