S2S Corporate Partners

Our work would not be possible without the support of our corporate partners.

Because of their generosity and partnership, we are able to bring innovative STEM programs to students in need across the state and country.

Students 2 Science offers meaningful employee engagement opportunities with high-quality, professional, and flexible volunteer assignments. We have virtual or in-person volunteer events that range from 5 minutes to full-day experiences.

Our corporate volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and represent a broad range of STEM and non-STEM professions. Many of them are part of corporate Employee Resource Groups (e.g., Black, Latinx, women, young professionals) with professional and personal experiences that can make important college and career connections for students in economically disadvantaged communities.

Volunteer Opportunities for Corporate Partners

Teams of corporate staff members serve as mentors, lab assistants, or instructors in the ISAAC program and/or as in-class or virtual mentors in the V-Lab program. Our volunteers work directly with students to guide and support them through STEM experiments, sparking their curiosity and exposing them to a wide variety of STEM career options.

Additionally, S2S has several other volunteering options, all designed to build awareness of STEM college and career pathways. Volunteers can participate in these flexible, virtual opportunities when it works for their schedules:

• College & Career Webinar

A great sponsorship opportunity for our partners. This is an informational session (pre-recorded or live) moderated by S2S team members to help increase students’ knowledge of STEM college and career pathways locally, nationally, and globally. Typically, this event includes 3-4 panelists from the sponsoring corporation who tell students about their own STEM journeys and engage in a Q&A session led by an S2S staff moderator.

• College & Career Video

A 90-second to 2-minute video that showcases a volunteer’s work, professional organization, and personal experience to inspire college- and career-bound students. Used in V-Lab sessions when live mentors are not available.

• Tour Video

A 2-3-minute pre-recorded video to highlight the volunteer’s career and professional experience and give students an inside perspective of a real-world workplace.

Benefits of Corporate Partner Engagement Programs

  • Enriches corporate volunteers’ experience with S2S through teamwork, mentorship, and time in the lab with students.
  • Provides highly visible community involvement opportunities to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Offers opportunities for employees to serve as role models to students, demystifies STEM professions, and highlights short-term and long-term benefits (e.g., self-worth, financial benefit, recognition) to pursue STEM college and career pathways.
  • Helps the STEM industry directly support a robust and well-trained pipeline of future job candidates.

Volunteer Testimonials

If you are interested in partnering with S2S and/or want to learn more about our employee engagement programs, please email [email protected]

To learn more about our programs, please visit our Programs page.

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If your company does not have an employee engagement program, please check out our Individual Volunteer page.

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