S2S STEM Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the backbone of Students 2 Science success.

Professionals (STEM and non-STEM) work side-by-side with students, in-person and virtually, to support, inspire, motivate, and provide career advice. S2S makes it easy to volunteer with:

  • Flexible schedules to fit your needs—slots available from 5 minutes to 6.5 hours once a year or as often as you would like to participate.
  • A variety of volunteering opportunities like the ISAAC and V-Lab programs.

For information on how to register for an S2S volunteer opportunity, visit our Volunteer Registration page.

Who Can Volunteer?

• Active or Retired STEM Professionals

who are actively seeking new opportunities to give back to their communities. Volunteering is rewarding and offers great networking and mentorship opportunities.

• College and Graduate Students

including recent graduates, and post-secondary faculty who are experienced and knowledgeable in a specific STEM field. These volunteers can connect with students through their personal experiences and help us modernize our experiments and programs.

• STEM Teachers

who can enrich our programs through their breadth of experience and perspective, relate science to a students’ daily lives, and help us align the experiments with curriculum requirements.

• Corporate Volunteers

who are employees of our partner organizations make great student mentors as they teach students about career opportunities in STEM. To learn more about our employee engagement programs, please visit our Corporate Partners page.

• Non-STEM Professionals

who have a genuine curiosity about science and a passion for helping middle and high school students are encouraged to volunteer. We will send you everything you need before volunteering. Subject matter experts lead the day’s experiments.

Types of STEM Volunteer Opportunities

ISAAC Program Volunteers (In-person)

  • Mentor: Acts as a coach to answer student questions about the professional work environment and how the laboratory techniques used apply to real-world jobs. Mentors also ensure the student’s safety.
  • Lab Assistant: Helps students follow procedures, perform calculations, use instrumentation, and ensures student safety by monitoring student activities.
  • Instructor: Leads instructions and acts as a subject matter expert as students conduct experiments.

V-Lab Program Volunteers (Virtual)

  • Virtual Mentor: Livestreams into a V-Lab session for 3-5 minutes via a video-conferencing platform and highlights their professional and educational experiences to motivate students. Requires a 15-minute commitment.
  • College & Career Video: Records a 90-second to 2-minute video showcasing their work, professional organization, and personal experience to inspire students. Used in V-Lab sessions when live mentors are not available.

Volunteer Testimonials

For further information on STEM volunteering opportunities with S2S, please email [email protected]

For information on how to register for an S2S volunteer opportunity, visit our Volunteer Registration page.

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