Students 2 Science Offers a Comprehensive, District-wide STEM Solution for Schools.

Our programs, both in-lab (ISAAC) and in-class (V-Lab), are comprised of real-world, hands-on, interactive, and career-oriented STEM learning experiences. Our instructors are professional scientists with experience working for leading corporations.

Teams of students work collaboratively with instructors and volunteer STEM professionals to solve real-life problems while being introduced to a wide variety of 21st century STEM career opportunities.

We are a formal partner of Newark Public Schools, the largest school district in New Jersey. S2S Newark Technology Center was established to serve as the STEM provider for the 36,000 students in the district, with our programs embedded in their curriculum. We also have long-standing partnerships with the following public schools: Bound Brook, East Orange, Irvington, Orange, among many others.

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Benefits of the S2S Model: Supporting Students in Their STEM Journey Through 5th-12th Grade

Inspires Students in 5th-12th Grade with Our V-Lab Program

  • Introduce hands-on, interactive, and career-oriented STEM experiences led by professional scientists that are livestreamed into classrooms
  • Develop both technical lab skills and soft skills
  • Content areas focus on physical sciences, life sciences, earth and space, engineering, and more

Motivates Students with ISAAC Program in Middle School (8th Grade)

  • Bring students into labs for the first time, engaging them in hands-on experiments that solve real-world problems
  • Provide side-by-side interactions with STEM professionals that help demystify STEM concepts and careers
  • Introduce students to a variety of college and career pathways in STEM

Empowers Students with ISAAC Program in High School

  • Engage students in working side-by-side with instructors and volunteers who are professional scientists, increase their knowledge and technical skills, and help build their confidence
  • Deep dive into STEM college and career pathways, introducing students to a variety of career opportunities locally, nationally, and globally
  • Current programs: biotechnology, organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and environmental science

Engages Teachers in Professional Development

  • Introduce teachers to innovative teaching practices through problem-based learning
  • Involve teachers as co-instructors in lab sessions
  • Increase teachers’ knowledge of 21st century STEM careers through discussions with corporate and higher education STEM professionals

Our Current Partner Schools, Districts, & Afterschool Programs

Public School/Districts

  • Bound Brook School District
  • East Orange School District
  • Englewood Public School District
  • Hillsborough Township Public Schools
  • Irvington Public Schools
  • Jersey City Public Schools
  • Kenilworth Public Schools
  • Newark Public Schools
  • North Plainfield School District
  • Orange Township Public Schools
  • Passaic Public Schools
  • Paterson Public Schools
  • Pittsburgh Schiller STEAM Academy
  • Rahway Public Schools
  • Somerset County Public Schools
  • Somerville Public School District
  • South Bound Brook Public Schools

Charter Schools/Networks

  • BRICK Achieve Community Charter School
  • Central Jersey College Prep Charter School
  • Discovery Charter School
  • Great Oaks Charter Schools
  • Greater Brunswick Charter School
  • Maria L. Varisco-Rogers Charter School
  • Marion P. Thomas Charter School
  • Urban Pathways Charter School, Pittsburgh, PA

After School Programs

  • Boys & Girls Club of Hudson County
  • Boys & Girls Club of Mercer County
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeastern Pennsylvania
  • Boys & Girls Club of Northwest New Jersey
  • Boys & Girls Club of Paterson & Passaic
  • Oasis–Haven for Women & Children, Paterson, NJ

Visit our Resource Center for high-quality program content, information on STEM career pathways, and many more helpful resources.

We Empower Students to Succeed with STEM