The V-Lab Program

Over 50 Unique, Live-Streamed Virtual Lab Experiences

Enthusiastic and highly qualified instructors lead over 50 unique Virtual Lab (V-Lab) experiences that are live-streamed from our Technology Centers directly into 5th-12th grade classrooms. V-Lab aligns with Next Generation Science Standards that sets expectations for what students should learn and achieve in science classes.

All V-Labs are designed for standard 45 to 50 minute class periods. Teachers receive a toolbox of materials to help prepare them and their students for the V-Lab experience. The toolbox contains lesson plans, pre-lab information, worksheets, recorded demonstrations, slideshows, college & career videos, post-lab activity sheets, claim-evidence-reasoning (CER) worksheets, and V-Lab kits. V-Lab kits are provided to students as part of the program.


Thanks to remote learning capabilities, V-Lab broadens our geographic reach to serve students anywhere in the United States.


We currently offer over 50 V-Lab experiences focusing on the following content areas:

  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Space Science
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Life Sciences
  • Math
  • Physics

Response to the Pandemic

During the 2020-21 school year, schools and educational institutions across the country faced remote teaching challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students 2 Science quickly pivoted to online learning to continue supporting schools with engaging STEM experiences.

We developed multiple variations of our V-Lab program to accommodate school districts’ varying needs (in-person, hybrid, remote). We reached almost 33,000 students during this time.

Additionally, we partnered with Cadence Learning, an educational non-profit with a national coalition of partners serving students in 17 economically disadvantaged states. With Cadence Learning’s support, we made our V-Lab content available to over half a million students in the 2020-21 school year.


The experts who lead our V-Lab program, many of whom have advanced degrees, have experience working in the STEM industry. STEM professionals from our partnerships serve as volunteers in the sessions, either in-person in the classroom or virtually.

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