Immersive STEM experiences in state-of-the-art labs

Gain real-world, hands-on learning experiences for your middle and high school students through our state-of-the-art ISAAC program.

ISAAC introduces students to careers in STEM allowing them to see their potential in conventional or less conventional STEM jobs. Here is how ISAAC empowers and encourages students on pathways to STEM:

Takes students out of their normal routine

and brings them into a high-tech laboratory environment to generate excitement about STEM-related learning. Students can imagine themselves in STEM careers when exposed to new settings and working with mentors in the physical science, life science, engineering, and healthcare fields.

Delivers stimulating experiments

side-by-side with a professional scientist, in an authentic laboratory setting. When students use sophisticated laboratory instruments, it creates a positive and memorable real-world experience.

Shares the benefits of STEM careers

like long-term financial gains and helping resolve worldwide science-related problems, and elevates awareness of the demand for these jobs in a global economy to motivate students to pursue STEM college and career pathways.


ISAAC programs are conducted onsite in our state-of-the-art, 10,000 sq. ft. Technology Centers in East Hanover and Newark, NJ.


Middle School ISAAC

Students visit S2S Technology Centers 3 times a year for all-day programs. They participate in 4 unique STEM experiences per visit and solve real-world problems scientists encounter in today’s modern laboratories. Content areas comprise of a variety of STEM fields, including chemistry, biotechnology, physics, and engineering. Students learn that “science is cool” and is the foundation for future success for individuals and communities.

High School ISAAC

Students participate in highly technical, all-day STEM challenges that take them through deep dives into organic chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and environmental science. They work in research teams, with guidance from professional scientists, and take on the roles of clinicians, food analysts, bioengineers, federal agents and more. The day culminates with students presenting their results and conclusions to peers, mentors, and laboratory instructors. Each program day tackles issues scientists face in the world today and is designed to help students see themselves as future problem solvers in STEM careers that can improve their future.


Experts who lead the ISAAC program have experience working in the STEM industry and many have advanced degrees or come from leading academic institutions. Volunteer STEM professionals, many of whom come from top corporations and academic partners, support the instructors in the lab by guiding students through experiments and sharing inspirational stories about their own educational and professional experiences.

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