Educational Programs

V-Lab Elementary School Program and Experiments

Core Experiments:

Elementary School (5th grade):

  1. Candy Color Wheel: Mixing and Separating Colors

    Students will look at the formation and separation of secondary colors from primary colors using an M&M color wheel. We will mix colors using primary colored M&Ms and water, then use paper chromatography to separate them again. We will also make a cardboard color wheel to observe the color mixing.


  2. Curious Crystals

    In this activity, students will carefully look at known household crystals. Students will observe and describe the crystals, and use a series of tests looking at color, shape, hardness and solubility. An unknown crystal, which is chemically the same as one of the known crystals but looks different, is also included. As an optional experiment, students can gather enough evidence to identify the unknown crystal.


  3. What’s The Matter?

    This experiment involves testing how five different substances behave when treated with water and observing and recording their physical and chemical properties. This will facilitate discussions on the different states of matter and how to compare, contrast, and categorize different substances. The concepts of conservation of mass and that all matter is made of particles too small to be seen will be discussed. Continued observations over a week will enhance and reinforce these concepts.