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V-Lab Middle School Program and Experiments

Programs_V-Lab Middle School Experiments

Core Experiments

Middle School (6th – 8th grade)

  1. CO2 to the Rescue! Using a chemical reaction to save a cell phone. – This lesson begins with a design challenge: to invent a small device that could rescue a cell phone that accidentally falls into water. A self-inflating balloon might be able to act as a flotation device to keep a cell phone from sinking or bring it up after it sinks. Students conduct a pair of chemical reactions to determine which of two acids react with baking soda to produce the most carbon dioxide gas and apply this to the flotation problem.
  2. Density Rainbow – Students will investigate the concept of density by creating a rainbow in a tube using sugar water solutions. We will define density (density = mass / volume) and construct a tower with colored sugar water solutions to make a rainbow. They learn about pipetting and dilutions while making their 0-60% sugar solutions.
  3. Mystery of M&Ms – Students will answer the question, “What happens when colored candies are placed in water?” We will conduct experiments on M&M and Skittles looking at the diffusion of pigments and sugar in water.