Who Can Volunteer?

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Who Can Volunteer

  • Corporate: Corporate volunteers will find high-quality, professional volunteer assignments through our volunteer program. High-level executives often attend our programs as Guest Speakers and give a 5 – 10 minutes talk about their careers and why STEM education is a good and lasting career path for students. Entry-to-high-level employees serve as Mentors to a team of students throughout the day and inspire and motivate students about STEM and answer questions about college and career readiness.
  • College and PhD Students: Students working towards a college or post-graduate degree in STEM can offer invaluable support by volunteering in our ISAAC (Improving Student Affinity and Aptitude for Careers in STEM) and/or Virtual Laboratory (V-Lab) programs. They offer insights into a specific field of science, connect with students through their personal experiences and encourage them to pursue higher education in STEM, and help us in contemporizing our experiments and programs.
  • Teachers: STEM teachers can play a vital role in making our programs a success through their breadth of experience and perspective—they complement the experiments with their personal perspectives, relate science to a student’s daily life, and help us align the experiments with curriculum requirements.
  • Retired and Scientist-in-Transition: For STEM professionals who are actively seeking new employment, volunteering is a highly supportive activity, as it provides both emotional support and networking opportunities. Volunteering at S2S reminds them of the value they bring to the community and provides them with a positive activity during this period of transition. They find renewed dignity and vigor as they continue their job search. Many of them return to school to become retrained, and in fact, many decide that teaching is a rewarding career path.